The following is an excerpt from The Runes Revealed: A Beginner’s Guide to Runic Divination by Beth Taylor.

What is an Oracle?

When a client I have never worked with before sits down at my table for their first rune reading, I spend several minutes talking with them as they look over my collection of runes to select the one they wish to have their reading with.

My first goal is to attempt to find out what, if anything, they understand about the oracular process; have they ever had a psychic reading before, and if so, what kind was it?

Often I find it is easier in some ways to explain the phenomenon of an oracle to someone who has no prior experience than it is to gently undo some common misconceptions about divination that more than a few people seem to have picked up over time.

In its most simple terms, an oracle is a tool of self-knowledge. The goal in divination is to present to the conscious mind what the unconscious mind already knows--or suspects.

I tell my clients that we have all the answers we could possibly ever need within us. Our conscious, or outer surface mind, dominates us with logic. Our unconscious, or inner deep mind, is the source of our truest intuitive knowledge, and, many believe, links to the collective knowledge of the universe.

The problem lies in the fact that we, as "flawed" human beings, usually cannot access these answers within ourselves without the help of an outer source; a tool; an oracle. Runes are an ancient oracle in a similar manner as the Tarot and I Ching are.

An oracle will not provide the precise answers to all of life’s problems. Nor do they bestow upon their user magical powers. They do, however, present signposts to direct us on our journey through life. How we interpret and act on the messages contained in these signposts is a purely individual response and differs from person to person.

Some oracles simply work better than others for people. It is important to listen to what seems to talk to you or what you feel drawn to. The runes, with their strong, earthy, northern European, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic history speak volumes to me. Whether it is my shared cultural heritage with this oracle or something even more elemental, I can’t say.

As with all oracles, the runes must be treated seriously and with an awareness and appreciation of their rich and diverse history. What you put into your efforts to learn the runes will be ultimately what you get out of the experience. Treat them lightly or as a game, and your readings will lack depth and resonance.

Remember that the runes are a tool to tap into your stored unconscious; a lack of seriousness and respect on your part as you work with them can’t help but affect the outcomes of your readings!

There can’t be enough stress placed on the personal nature of the runes and the messages they will have for you. There is no one way to create, charge, cast and interpret them. It will be different for each and every person embarking on his or her own runic journey.

My best advice is to read and listen and learn, and with that wisdom, find out from the runes themselves what they mean to you and the guidance they hold for you personally!

The above is an excerpt from The Runes Revealed: A Beginner’s Guide to Runic Divination by Beth Taylor.



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