Rune Meanings


 FEHU  (f)  Cattle

Wealth & prosperity (physical or spiritual), needs met, assets, abundance, financial success.


  URUZ (u, v)  Aurochs (wild ox)  

Strength, vitality, health, determination, confidence, meeting life's challenges.


 THURISAZ  (th)  Thor's Hammer/Giant 

Significant unexpected change, active defense, usually improving circumstances.


 ANSUZ  (a)  Mouth/Odin (God of Intellect)

Talk, news, communication, knowledge.


  RAIDO  (r)  Wheel  

Journey (physical or spiritual), movement, growth, learning.


  KENAZ  (c, k)  Torch

Light, clarity, insight, inner fire, passion, opportunity, offer. 


  GEBO  (g)  Gift

Love, two paths crossing, "gift from above," equality, union.


  WUNJO  (v, w)  Joy

Happiness, lighthearted fun, celebration, wishes come true.   


  HAGALAZ  (h)  Hail

Disruption, delay, uncontrollable circumstances, keep low profile.


NAUTHIZ  (n)  Need

Self-sacrifice for goal, making difficult choices, refocusing.


 ISA  (i)  Ice

Stillness, lack of change, quiet, turning inward, contemplation, cooling of emotions, waiting.


  JERA  (j, y)  Harvest/Year

Due rewards, completion, merit, recognition, promotion, justice.


  EIHWAZ  (ei, y)  Yew tree

Protective good luck, continuity, rune magick, flexible strength.


 PERTH (p) Dice cup/Womb

Fate or destiny, risk-taking, stepping off the beaten path, the hidden emerging.


 ALGIZ  (z)  Elk antlers

Protection, safety, security, shield, spiritual connection.


SOWULO  (s)  Sun

Victory, power, triumph of light over dark, life force, oneness, health and well being.      


  TEIWAZ (t) Tyr (God of War)

Warrior spirit, knowing your path, the "fight for right," leadership, moving forward.


  BERKANA (b)  Birch tree 

New beginnings, first steps, nurturing new growth, fertility.


  EHWAZ (e)  Horse(s)

Partnership, cooperative growth, controlled change, movement.


  MANNAZ (m)  Mankind

People, work or social groups,  "circle of friends," community, teamwork, sharing, support.


  LAGUZ  (l)  Water

Intuition, inner knowledge, mind powers, trusting your 'gut.'


  INGUZ (ng)  Ing (God of fertility) "Seeds of conception," new ideas and direction,

first signs of change.


 OTHILA (o)  House

Home, family, family matters, personal life, ancestral ties.


  DAGAZ (d)   Day

Enlightenment, transformation, accomplishment, awareness, being balanced and centered.



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