Gypsy Cards

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then these cards, based on historic Russian art style, could represent a complete library!!

Our deepest mental processes are based on pictures and images. The common cultural symbols found in the Russian Gypsy cards, such as the wedding ring, the clover, the sun, the coffin, and the money, can speak volumes.

The cards are based on a 19th century Russian Gypsy method of divination that is unlike the western European Tarot system. The cards’ design and the way they are used will not be like any card reading most people have experienced before.

Each card has four picture halves on it. As the randomly mixed cards are place side by side onto the table, completed pictures may be created, and these are searched for. When all the images have been found, they are then interpreted as they relate to each another, to the client’s situation, and to the final outcome card.

Beth, with many years of experience with other image-based divinatory systems, says: "In all my studies of the varied oracles, I’ve never seen a method of symbol selection, or sortilege, such as this with the Russian Gypsy cards; they’re unique!"

"I think that these cards connect with the basic archetypes within all of us. I find the insights that the Russian Gypsy cards offer are very clear and filled with logic and common sense. These are certainly some of the most appealing cards to interpret for clients who have little prior esoteric study."

"The Russian Gypsy cards are very flexible, allowing for a quick yes or no answer to a question, more detailed information on a specific issue, or a deep examination of the many facets of a client’s particular situation."

"In addition to my trademark runes, I’m pleased to be able to offer my clients the opportunity to experience the clear insights of these fascinating European cards!"


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